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By Connie Warnock, NW Connection

Local writer and owner/breeder/exhibitor of Shih Tzu dogs, Connie Warnock, recently collected all her articles and stories about her beloved pups into one charming and hilarious book called, “Dogs; The Best Medicine: The Kitchen Kennel Kronicles.”

Connie’s relationship with Shih Tzu’s began in 1978 with two puppies; a black and white female named Ping Jai Hua “Ping” and a male named MingSong Shu Si Ling (which roughly translated to “squirrel commando”!) Over the years, she made a name for herself in the dog show world earning many Best of Breeds and Best in Shows as a breeder/owner/handler (the triple threat!)

As her “herd” of Shih Tzus grew, she began to write for The Shih Tzu Reporter about her experiences as a breeder and about the everyday experiences of homelife with a multigenerational family of dogs. Her dog articles and stories eventually made it into local town newspapers such as the Sandy Profile, where she was a regular columnist for years.

Her observations of the dog-to-dog relationships within her own group of dogs are endearing and funny. Add to this her stories about people and their special bond with a particular dog and you have a book that resonates with all dog lovers.

Download your own copy of“Dogs; The Best Medicine: The Kitchen Kennel Kronicles on Amazon Kindle.

Connie Warnock is a former elementary school teacher, artist, animal lover, movie buff, and hopeless romantic, who published a book of poetry and prose called “My Song” in the late 70’s. Her love of dogs, lead her to raise and show Shih Tzus for four decades. In addition to her dog book, she recently re-released My Song as an E-book on Amazon Kindle, and has a children’s Christmas book in the works.

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