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Art Crino

The regionalization that has appeared world-wide might be traced back to 1913 when a young revolutionary named Joseph Stalin wrote the short essay, Marxism and the National Question. The question posed was: how to do away with nationalism. The answer was Regionalization. (It’s on the internet in English.)

Jean Monnet, known as the father of the European Union (EU), herded the EU goal through The European Coal & Steel Commission and the European Common Market on to the EU.

In 1992 the globalist Organization of the American States (OAS) suggested to President Bush the North American Free Trade Association. (NAFTA) He was in favor of it but President Clinton acted on it in 1993. The US citizens were not fully prepared to combat this development. It passed the House 234 to 200. Eighteen votes would have defeated it.

During the battles in the House, a number of leading Republicans joined President Clinton in promoting NAFTA. One effective claim was that NAFTA would make Mexico’s economy so prosperous there would no longer be an incentive for them to migrate Northward into the US.. The reality was the opposite. NAFTA called for Mexico to reduce its tariff on importation of produce. That opened the border for US corporate farms to flood Mexico with produce and essentially destroyed the family farms that made up 25 percent of the Mexican economy. These unemployed farmers flooded the labor market and migration northward essentially doubled.

Unlike the extended pace of the EU evolution, Clinton promptly launched the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) at the OAS meeting of December 1994. The announced goal was to form the regional group of the 34 Western Hemisphere nations by 2005. However, in the meantime, the John Birch Society, Eagle Forum and union members caused the FTAA to be dead-on- arrival in 2005.

On May 23, 2005, President Bush, Mexico’s then Prime Minister Vincenti Fox and Canada’s then-Prime Minister Paul Martin met in Waco, Texas. At the close of the meeting they announced the formation of the Security and Prosperity Partnership. (SPP). When the media asked for details, they were told each of the three nations had a committee to establish the details that would be combined to finalize the agreement.

Dr. Robert Pastor, a professor at American University, was also the principal editor for the SPP. In June 2005 he reported to the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. In brief, he explained the SPP was to do away with the two borders with Mexico and Canada. The security would be a common border around the US, Mexico and Canada. This was to be accomplished by 2010, allowing the residents of the three countries a free flow of goods and people.

Fortunately for the U.S., Lou Dobbs had a camera crew present during the testimony. He presented it on the air. It went viral. By the time 2010 arrived, thanks to Lou Dobbs, The John Birch Society, Eagle Forum, Union Members and others, SPP was dead-on-arrival.

Jumping ahead to 2016, Presidential candidate Donald Trump learned of the economic damage NAFTA had created in the U.S.. His resulting position on doing away with NAFTA had no doubt helped his election count. However, upon arrival in the White House, he found himself immersed among globalists that wanted to retain NAFTA as the Trojan Horse for a Western Hemisphere Union.

When the OAS approached President Bush in 1992, there was not an apparent need for NAFTA. The bilateral agreements with Canada and Mexico were performing satisfactorily. Hence repealing NAFTA would simplify the North American economy.
Back to basics, the use of the term Free Trade in these agreements is contradictory. You cannot have free trade if government is involved. Then it’s regulated trade. Also, the developed nations low fertility rate promotes open borders as a correction and low cost labor. As some of the former sovereign nations of Europe are finding, the refugees tend to modify the nation’s culture.

The globalists promote multiculturalism and diversity as beneficial long term. Edmund Burke might call these promoters as Philosophers of the Shambles. One might add God does not approve of a single world state. He defeated such a plan at the Tower of Babel.

Alexander Hamilton stated: The safety of a republic depends on the energy of a common national sentiment, on uniformity of principles and habits: (and) on the exemption of the citizens from foreign bias , “In other words, the more culturally alike a populace, the more likely the long-term prospects for a society or a nation. Many of the Founders and Constitutional Framers spoke similarly.

In his book The Russian Question at the end of the Twentieth Century, Alexander Solzhenitsyn warns his readers of a new peril to all peoples of the world. “The vulgar and inspired wave which seeks to level distinctions between cultures, tradition, nationalities and characters has engulfed the whole planet!” He goes on to say, “This evil aims at the replacement of God’s window with that of man, and according to him those who survive will be those people who “withstand the onslaught, unwavering and even with their heads held high”. He pleads with his own people to be among those who resist, for if they do not, he writes, “the time may come to cross the word “Russian” out of the dictionary”.

Our task, here in America, is no different. Should we fail –God forbid– then in less than a century a time will come when the word “American” may be crossed from the dictionary.

Art Crino is a combat veteran of WW II, graduate of OSU in Electrical Engineering and his career was in engineering and factory management. Art may be contacted by e-mail at: crino9850@comcast.net


Reprinted with permission from the Roseburg Beacon News, Vol.11 – Issue 18 May 2, 2108



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