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Providence Hospital
Cancels  Controversial Teen Sex Conference

On Monday, March 26, the Oregon Teen Pregnancy Task Force (OTPTF) was asked to refrain from holding its 2018 “Summit” on May 7 at Providence Hospital’s Cancer Center Amphitheater. The hospital Public Relations Office notified Parents’ Rights in Education (PRIE) after their inquiry a week earlier, alerting Providence of the incompatibility of Providence’s Catholic mission and the activities of the OTPTF.
For decades, OTPTF organized the the tax-payer supported Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC) held annually at the Seaside Convention Center. Sixth grade children as young as 11 years of age were bussed to the two-day conference featuring speakers and workshops touting enhanced sexual pleasure for teens, and directing them to interactive porn websites, sex toys, and drug  use. Conference sponsors included the Oregon Health Authority(OHA), the Oregon Department of Education (ODE), Planned Parenthood, GLSEN and numerous groups supporting highly controversial underage sexual behavior.

In 2014, PRIE organized a large protest at the convention center resulting in cancellation of the upcoming 2015 ASC. Many news outlets including KOIN 6 News reported the success. How does the hyper sexualization of children enhance the educational excellence sorely needed in Oregon schools? And how does it prepare young women to deal with the current climate of harassment in the workplace they are about to enter?

In light of the scandalous findings in 2015, the ODE and OHA continue to sponsor similar versions annually, such as the one recently cancelled by Providence Hospital.  The conferences are designed to train teachers, healthcare workers, and staff members in Oregon schools K-12. PRIE and parents throughout Oregon are strongly opposed to the pornographic style of sexuality foisted on their minor children by the government, without their knowledge or consent.

PRIE commends the Administration of Providence Hospital for its prompt action to remove the OTPTF from its schedule of events, and thanks Todd Cooper, Director of Special Projects of the Archdiocese of Portland for assistance in this matter.

For more information contact:
Suzanne Gallagher
Parents’ Rights in Education
Executive Director

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