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Lori Porter

Lori Porter, Parent Rights In Education

Who knew? The American College of Pediatricians calls it “a major assault on the health and innocence of children.”

 A United Nations conference happening right NOW! Nations from all over the world will be fighting over  “comprehensive sexuality education” (CSE), the primary tool used to advance the global sexual rights agenda.

This toxic curriculum is aggressively promoted by UNICEF, the very same UN agency claiming to protect children.

CSE is designed to change all of the traditional sexual and gender norms of society by changing the worldview of children. Latest radical CSE publication.



STAND WITH Parents’ Rights!


NO parental knowledge or consent!  “when dealing with sexual and reproductive health, the obligation to inform parents and obtain their consent becomes a significant barrier…in some areas the very requirement of parental consent may put children at risk…for adolescents, the possibility to have access to sexual and reproductive health services without parental consent is a critical dimension of access.” UNICEF

UNICEF partners with Planned Parenthood, whose priority is to circumvent parental rights.

Have you wondered where this is all coming from? it’s an international effort to control our kids by promoting early childhood sexualization, population control, and easy access to abortion.

We are gravely concerned by UNICEF’s co-sponsorship of the 2018 UNESCO “International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education,” as it promotes highly controversial and discredited “comprehensive sexuality education” (CSE) for children. For example, this publication claims that “young people want and need sexuality and sexual health information as early and comprehensively as possible …”   Read it all here.

STAND WITH Parents’ Rights!


Who do you know in NYC?

Join our protest… to stop the UN agenda to sexualize children through comprehensive sexuality education, and UNICEF’s assault on parental rights.




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