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The fools are Joe (Scarborough ) and Mika (Brzezinski)! These (MSNBC News) people are the reason Trump Won the election and they continue to do the same type of twisting and lying that they did before the election. It shows they really aren’t smart enough to learn from their mistakes!

Donald Trump only had conversations with his staff and attorneys about the possibility and impact of firing Muller! Now, just think about why he would be asking and discussing that question. The Special Prosecutor was named to investigate the Russian Collusion possibility between the Russians and the Trump campaign. There was absolutely no proof of any involvement of Trump’s campaign and the Russians at the time of appointing Muller.

Also, the only reason they appointed Muller was because the Dossier came out and caused Congress to request the DOJ to appoint one. Now we have learned the Dossier was a made-up farce paid for by the Democrats and Hillary. That means the “reason” for the appointment of the special prosecutor was made using lies and false documents.

Even after a full year of this stupidity by the Democrats, they still have no evidence of any involvement of the Trump campaign with the Russians. The closest issue they have is that some stupid Russian lady set up a meeting with Donald Trump Jr., stating they had dirt on Hillary! This type of information collection was done at great expense and effort by the “Hillary campaign.” Hillary paid the Russians $7 million to drum up dirt on Trump and it all turned out to be false information. Why, Hillary was proven to have more collusion going on with the Russians, by far, than Trump.

Considering how biased Muller appears to be by hiring all Anti-Trump attorneys, considering the Dossier was a fake and lie, considering the fact that it has now been proven the FBI and DOJ were doing things that were against the law during and after the election, and considering the FAKE NEWS agencies, Trump is well within his right to call the investigation off. He wouldn’t need to fire Muller at all, but go to Congress and prove there was nothing there, there from the very beginning and that Muller has spent millions on absolutely nothing.

The only indictments that have been made, had nothing to do with the Russian Investigation, but Muller cornering and doing everything possible to catch people lying about some small thing and then indicting them. I am sure in the end of all this, Trump will pardon their cases, as he should!

Mika and Joe are disgusting liars and provocateurs of the truth and should be removed by management before they destroy all that is left of the MSNBC mess!

Lamoine Saunders resides in Chandler, Arizona.  Former Chief Operations Officer of two major regional banks.  





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