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Lori Porter

Lori Porter, Parent Rights In Education

If you missed signing the parental rights amendment, we urge you to read below and learn more about this amendment.

Please visit parentalrights.org and learn more about the Parental Rights Amendment and sign their petition. In Oregon our parental rights are under assault by Governor Brown, Oregon legislators, government agencies, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Basic Rights Oregon, Cascade Aids Project and other entities. These organizations are threatening the safety, well-being and corrupt the innocence of our children by legislating away our parental rights and conferring them on our children and then controlling the children via public school programs, curriculum and policies. For example, children in Oregon can receive contraceptive care at any age without parental knowledge or consent. A 15-year-old in Oregon can have a sex change without parental knowledge or consent.
It is a sad day when the government at the behest of these entities work together to create laws that are removing our constitutional rights as parents to direct the education, health care and upbringing of our children. Make no mistake, the assault on parental rights is a national movement. Oregon is one of many states leading the charge to diminish our rights as parents.

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