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Connie Warnock’s Book “My Song” Still Resonates 30 Years Later
Originally published in 1978, Connie’s poems explore love, pain, passion, family, and the power of self-love. This collection of poetry is a representation of growth, victories, faith and love. Enjoy reading… experience life through her eyes in the words of her heart. Connie’s next project is a compilation of 30+ years of dog stories to be released on Amazon Kindle in early 2018.

Publisher’s Note: Connie’s book is a delightfully sophisticated read. Her use of language and style holds the reader captive as you navigate through Connie’s inner world. At times, she’s the innocent child and her revelations heart-warming. In other seasons of life, her creative style takes on a more daring and honest perception of how she views the world. The relationship she draws between the obvious and obscure will keep you riveted. Simply amazing…A must read on a quiet weekend at the beach…JoLinn Kampstra, Publisher, The Northwest Connection

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