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Promotion: Lt. Marc Shrake

With the recent promotion of Chad Gaidos to Captain, he will assume new duties within the agency. Effective December 11th, 2017 Lieutenant Marc Shrake will become the PIO for the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.
Lt. Shrake has 25 years of law enforcement experience in our community which will prove to be a valuable asset in this new assignment. Lt. Shrake was hired by Troutdale Police in 1991 after serving in the United States Navy. He began his supervisory role in law enforcement in 1998 when he was promoted to the rank of sergeant. After the merger of the Troutdale Police Department with MCSO, Shrake continued his path towards leadership when he was promoted to lieutenant in January of this year.
As a long time Multnomah County resident, Lt. Shrake brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience both living and working in our community. His experience in operations and leadership in law enforcement has uniquely prepared him for the role of agency spokesperson.

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