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New truckers in town

Something was off, literally. The sign on the building I approached had been removed because you could see the outline of what used to be a Swift Trucking sign. Instead the new sign was NV Transport. Being curious by nature I entered the office and found mostly Russian and Ukrainian employees at their desks. I approached Victor Shkurinsky who is in charge of accounting and asked where Swift Trucking had moved to. He indicated they had moved to a new location further to the west. I told him I was looking to write a story about the trucking industry and asked if he would like to be interviewed. He and his father, Valery Shkurinsky both agreed and what follows is an amazing story of success. NV Transport is a family business owned by Nick and Valery Shkurinsky.

Open for business and hiring!

Valery, when did you first come to the United States?

I arrived in America in February 1990 as a result of an invitation from a sponsor. But my first stop was in Austria and then Italy and finally on to Portland. I started with no home or business upon my arrival. I literally had very few possessions. I worked for Buckland Sheet Metal and then started working in my own business.
What was your next step?

Two things happened almost simultaneously. First, I purchased a truck from the Freightliner dealer and worked for Continental Express as an independent operator. We then started Emmanuel Mercy Mission. The mission focuses on shipping clothing, shoes, food, personal packages, medical supplies, hospital equipment, and basic humanitarian aid to Ukraine and other counties in need. In one case, we shipped an ambulance. Once the container arrives it is inspected, photographed and distributed by the churches there.

You have made amazing progress in a short period of time. How did you do it?

To put it in one word, God. When we began our work in the mission, where 100% of the money donated goes into the cost of the items delivered, we were blessed in our trucking business. We now have 35 trucks and some 40 owner operator trucks working for us. In keeping with that we are looking for additional experienced company drivers and owner operators.

How did you come into possession of the former Swift Trucking Company Building?

We purchased the building in April of 2014. In comprises of an office building, truck shop, and truck parking lot on 14 acres. We have since added a truck washing facility that is open to the trucking industry.

What do you see is your next steps?

The trucking industry is growing rapidly. Everything we use and consume comes out of the back of a truck. With the internet, the demand for products being delivered to the front door will continue to increase and especially with Amazon locating across the street from our offices. We need experienced drivers and owner operators in order to meet customer demand. Hourly rates run between $20-25 plus for local drivers; we are also looking to add over-the-road drivers.

Note: If you would like to contact NV Transport they are located at 2021 N.W. Sundial Rd., Troutdale, Oregon, (503) 777-7096. Natalya.M@nvtransport.com
If you feel inspired to donate to Emmanuel Mercy Mission, Emmhelp.org or the Facebook Emmanuel Mercy Mission to watch videos of their projects.

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