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Indeed we are. Logic has flown out the window, along with reason. The farther we get from the creation of this great nation, the farther the populace seems to get from God. We seem to have forgotten the morals and foundation of our ancestors who created the best civilization in this world’s history, Western Civilization. People seem to take pleasure in cursing those of us who do not ignore that voice inside our heads and feeling in our hearts.

I find it astounding that people choose to ignore what is built into our DNA, God. He is in all of us, yet people outright choose to turn their backs on the Holy Spirit because it is just easier to be a sinner. How sad. And the world, led by the corrupt mainstream media, just feeds into this incredibly sinful culture that seems to have taken over.

I can admit that I walked in sin for years, and I am still not immune to it. But one day, I was awakened by God with new eyes. I remember the day perfectly. I was reading a book my father had created for me. Full of Godly words, poems, and letters to me about how God changed his life. I read the book from start to finish, and, by the end of it, I was on my knees in the middle of my dorm room in Germany, in tears, repenting to God for every sin I had ever committed.

It was miraculous. In that moment I could recall every bit of wrong I had done. In a flash God had opened my eyes to all the sin I had been committing, and though it was incredibly saddening to see how I had let evil dictate so many of my actions without notice, it was amazing to know that I could now see the light. It was breathtaking to know God was there with me in that room, wrapping his arms around me, filling me with His light while stripping me of my sinful ways.

My life was changed forever. I want this for every man, woman, and child in this world. There is no life without God, there is no purpose without God. I cannot wait for the day Jesus returns! Every Knee Shall Bow!!!



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