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Progress & Prosperity or Status Quo & Stagnation?

Steve Bates

Steve Bates

By Stephen Bates, Candidate for Clackamas County Commissioner

This article was published originally in 2014. It is being published with minor modification as it has the same meaning today as it did then.

Progress doesn’t happen by itself.

Progress will never come for Clackamas County as long as commissioners stand in the shadow of Portland decision makers.

The longest serving Clackamas County Commissioners have committed to this approach, even when voters have said no. They prefer the Status Quo. They have deflected the attempts of other commissioners to strive for progress.

This approach has stagnated our county.

Clackamas County is third behind Washington and Multnomah Counties for jobs recovered and weekly wages – on their watch.

The longest serving Clackamas County Commissioners embrace the Metro vision of high density housing and increased light rail transportation at the expense of single family dwellings and more lanes for automobiles.

Metro and its Land-Use Monopoly is preventing some Clackamas County Businesses from expanding and creating new jobs.

Our county is unique and full of potential for jobs and new businesses. A path that begins to achieve the potential we have right here should be charted with new leadership.

With the correct leadership, Clackamas County can once again be a regional leader.

It is exciting to identify the many opportunities for businesses, jobs, genuine transportation improvements, and a safer, cleaner county.

It’s time to focus on the strengths of Clackamas County. It’s time to focus on the basics, like roads, public safety, clean water, social services for county residents in need, and a flourishing economy so we all have opportunities to succeed and experience prosperity.

This will take strong leaders willing to champion the real priorities of Clackamas County voters.

A new course can be set with the election of leaders who believe in Progress & Prosperity for the county. These leaders will engage our partners in policies that benefit Clackamas County residents.

The alliance between the leaders and the people of Clackamas County should be a partnership with the voters.

Insist that you have the representation you deserve. Insist that the Commissioners call for public votes to allow you to clarify your views on major spending, new taxes or controversial matters.

You have a choice to vote for three Clackamas County Commissioner positions on May 17th.

It is your choice to vote or not to vote.

It is highly recommended that you exercise your right to cast a ballot.

Leadership that believes in Progress & Prosperity in Clackamas County will present us with the concept of real progress.

Leadership that believes in Progress & Prosperity, with the help of the electorate, develop and pursue a vision of prosperity.

Will you vote for real progress, or for the Status Quo?

Will you vote for prosperity or stagnation?

Be sure to vote!

(Unless otherwise noted, the opinions expressed are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Northwest Connection.)


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