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Lori Porter

Lori Porter, Parent Rights In Education

Do you remember the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program in the 1980’s? It was created by the Los Angeles Police Department and presented to students in elementary public schools. There was a big push for students to “just say no” to drugs. Students were given t-shirts with the DARE logo on it, and bumper stickers adorned cars across the country.
The problem was that the program taught students all about the buffet of illicit and dangerous drugs. Instead of turning them away from drugs, children became curious. What a surprise…drug use went up as these children became teens.
Fast forward to comprehensive sexuality grooming education. In 2015 the state of Oregon received a perfect score on “The Population Institute’s 2015 report card on reproductive health and rights for its comprehensive sexuality grooming education program.” We are teaching children in the public schools every conceivable way to have sex, sex with the same sex or opposite sex partners, if it feels right…”just do it!”
Comprehensive sexuality grooming education is teaching minors that they can decide if they prefer to be a boy or girl and that gender is a fickled construct and one can be both boy and girl.
This dangerous ideology is being presented as valid in health classes across Oregon using the form of the Gender Unicorn, Gender Bread Person and gender fluidity. Ever present in these presentations is the ubiquitous Planned Parenthood, skulking the halls in the apparent search of more customers. Why does Planned Parenthood have such easy access to Oregon’s K-12 schools and our children`?
According to a May 5, 2017 article by Kristin Hosfelt, NBC5 News of Medford, Oregon’s teen pregnancy rates are above the national average. How can this be if Oregon has been ranked one of the top states in comprehensive sexuality grooming education and reproductive rights? Shouldn’t we have the lowest teen pregnancy rate? Is Planned Parenthood’s access to your child while in school really that effective? Oregon school board members would be wise to ask for quantifiable, measured, and proof of effectiveness of K-12 sexuality grooming education before adoption and implementation. Students are not “science experiments!”
Shouldn’t it be a crime to manipulate the minds and trespass on the bodies of these young impressionable students? Too much time and money is being placed on teaching unscientific, controversial, and unhealthy concepts to our children. Oregon ranks near the bottom of the nation’s schools in academic achievement, while ranking near the top in student drop-out rate, and what can only be described as “sexual grooming education.”
Why are school districts allowing the likes of Planned Parenthood to promote child endangerment and gender confusion? Why is Portland-based TransActive Gender
Center being paid to proselytize in some of our Oregon grade schools? Ask your elected school board members.

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