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Paul Savas

Paul Savas

My travels around Clackamas County have made one thing clear: our citizens want a change in how government behaves. They want to end discord now, and want decisions made that are in their best interests.

Consider this, though, common sense decision-making on behalf of the “citizens” is often different than when done on behalf of the “voters,” politicians often follow what appeals to the voters.

The misinformation circulated in past elections for Clackamas County races, in particular, was targeted to the voters, but loaded with rhetoric and distortions. So much so, that a May 2014 Pamplin Media article described my opposition’s efforts as a defamation campaign.

Politics is messy and, unfortunately, truth does not often prevail in politics. Facts and details are no match for short, misleading sound bites.

There is a lot at stake in the race for County Chair. Should we remain bogged down in a political mud hole, spinning our wheels and slinging mud?

Facts and details, often referred to as the “weeds” bore most people, but we expect our elected officials to study and produce good results instead of making hasty, uninformed decisions.

Often actions by the Commission are grossly exaggerated and distorted for political gain.

  • Here are some facts:
    • Ten million dollars has not been given away to a developer, not a penny. In fact, the developer paid the full asking price of $2.4 million for the property as required in the Eagle Landing agreement. If the developer receives any benefit, the district would receive a greater monetary benefit in return.
    • The Commission vote regarding the $48 million is all being invested in Clackamas County, mostly on roads, the remainder on schools, fire, public safety. None of the $48 million has gone to private developers. Commissioner Ludlow’s plan would have resulted in giving away $20 million of that to state government, not Clackamas. Politifact proved this point http://www.politifact.com/oregon/statements/2013/dec/04/freedom-and-responsibility-pac/could-clackamas-county-residents-have-received-nea/.
    • The County (during my tenure) did not vote to create a county urban renewal district nor do we have the authority to do so without voter approval. Wilsonville voters approved new urban renewal, and only cities can implement new urban renewal within cities, the county commission can disapprove those plans, but cannot stop them when there is over 75% approval of schools, fire, and police/sheriff agency support. Sandy and Wilsonville are great examples.
    • My position on road maintenance is that we use existing county money as efficiently as possible before we ask citizens for more money. I fought for that every year and that resulted in a $5 million commitment this budget cycle toward road surface maintenance, despite opposing votes from Commissioner Ludlow and Bernard.
    • Every year I voted against giving commissioners (ourselves) a salary increase (raises). Commissioner Ludlow and Bernard voted in favor. How does one argue for prudent budgeting to eliminate waste in government while voting to increase one’s salary?
    • Transportation: I have fought for fixing our congested highways like Sunrise 212 and I-205 and bringing back fair proportional investments to roads and highways. In my opinion Metro has focused on transit, and little on highways. That reasoning and argument has been my premise for opposing the Portland-Milwaukie light rail project. Consequently, I was the only opposing vote against funding that light rail project in 2012.

The key to prosperity is jobs. I am focused on the building blocks that will encourage employers to create new jobs. Those are: transportation solutions that reduce congestion; land for new employers to grow into; and water treatment facilities to meet demand.

Voters are sick and tired of self-serving political games.

Join me and let’s pull the County out of the mud, and focus on solutions. I respectfully ask for your support.

Vote Paul Savas for Clackamas County Chair

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