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1st Row (left to right) Vance Rogers, Richard Weill, 2nd Row (left to right) Joy Friedel, Tim Sherman, Kristin Loitved, Jim Sherman, Michael Sherman.

Starting in April, 2017, eight new recruits will be responding to emergency calls. Finally, after six months of extensive training and a practical skills exam, they will begin their year-long probationary period with the department. The recruit academy covered a variety of topics, such as emergency medical training, hazardous materials, fire control, ropes and knots, etc. At the completion of the training the new recruits will receive their Oregon DPSST Firefighter 1 Certification.

The composition of the new group reflects the nature of the general population in the Corbett area. The new recruits range in age from the late teens to people who are retired and in their sixties. Some are still students, one is a practicing attorney, another is a sheet metal installer, one is a retired biologist, another is a former bank employee and is the mother of two small children (4 and 6 years of age), and one is a paramedic who has a pre-school daughter.

When asked why they volunteered for the Corbett Fire Department, some responded that they enjoyed the challenge of learning new skills, some mentioned the sense of camaraderie of doing exciting stuff, and several said it was a great opportunity for them to give something back to the community. One respondent said that a statement made by Dave Flood, the Fire Chief, at the informational meeting made him want to join. The Chief said, “This job is not about bringing babies out of burning buildings…it is this: someone calls 911 in the middle of night because they need help and someone has to provide that help.” The recruit decided he wanted to be one of those people who got up in the middle of the night.

Starting in April they will begin responding to the approximately 500 emergency calls that the Corbett Fire District receives each year. Their addition will be welcomed by all, especially the Fire Chief, who says, “These recruit firefighters have worked hard to learn the skills necessary to serve our community. We are excited to begin working with them at the emergency scene.”

If you are interested in being a part of the next recruiting class that will start in the fall of 2017, you can contact the Fire Chief at 503-803-5244 for additional information.

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