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Don Trotter, Candidate for Position 2, Clackamas Fire District #1 Board of Directors

Bill Wehr

Bill Wehr, The NW Connection

The blare of the fire truck horn, or wail of the ambulance, makes us pause and hope that wherever it is going it gets there in time to prevent a catastrophe.

The shock at what just happened at a fire or medical scene can be physically and emotionally devastating to the victims. For the fire fighter and emergency medical teams at the scene there can be an overwhelming emotional impact. And this visceral jolt can last long after the event for some of the responders.

During the 10 years that Don Trotter has been on the Board of Directors of Clackamas Fire District 1, he has become a strong believer in the wellness, not only of the citizens the district serves, but also of the responders that go out on emergency calls. Don says he has a special interest in the internal Wellness Program that is crucial to “having healthy and mentally stable fire fighters ready at all times for the next emergency.” He goes on “This Program is structured to include peer-to-peer discussions after a call [in order] to decompress.”

This is just one critical concern Don has in wanting to continue to improve on the safety of life and property for the residents of Clackamas County. Having accomplished a professional career as an architect and civil engineer, he has been able to use those skills for effective planning of policy. But, he considers more important his willingness to listen to the citizens he represents to make him a better representative of their concerns.

Don and his wife Sue have four children and six grandchildren. Don was able to pass on his reverence for public service to his family. His daughter Dana is currently a Captain with a fire district in St. Louis Missouri. Dana’s husband is also a fire fighter in that area.

Being on the Finance Committee of the King of Kings Lutheran Church, and having the responsibility of setting policy as a fire district director responsible for 260 paid staff and 80 volunteers hardly seems “retired.” But his passion for service and listening to the citizens isn’t over. As he says, “Honest, open communications and collaboration are ways I will continue to meet my responsibilities to citizens of Clackamas Fire District 1.”

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