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Pastor Clark Cothern

The Resurrection

In 2012 my dear Mom passed away. My wife and sister and I went through her things in preparation for taking care of her estate. We discovered that Mom had quite a collection of jewelry. Most of it was costume jewelry. She never spent a lot of money on herself. But even though we were skeptical, we thought it would be smart to have a pile of jewelry checked out by an expert, just in case there was something valuable in there.

So we got a lunch sized paper bag and filled it up with jewelry and took it to a guy who said he would help us determine if there were any valuable items there. (For Video of presentation, visit: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/162b06b3e9e12b1a?projector=1) Continue reading

I am a Christian for one simple reason: the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

There is simply no credible alternative to the view that his grave was empty on Easter morning because of his bodily resurrection. His body wasn’t there because he wasn’t there. And he wasn’t there because he had been raised from death to life.

It’s not credible that his body was stolen by the disciples. If it had been, the disciples would know that any public story that he was raised from the dead was a lie. Now people will die for a lie they believe to be true, but they will not die for a lie they know to be a lie. Eleven of the 12 apostles died a martyr’s death, a powerful confirmation that they knew beyond any shadow of doubt that Christ had risen from the dead. Continue reading

Satan has conned many people into a twisted view of the Christian life. We imagine that God calls us to do things that won’t be good for us, while the unbelievers are out there having all the fun. In fact, anything done for God’s glory also works for our good.

Choosing what is good and right will always be to our advantage. Wrongdoing sometimes appears to offer benefits, and doing right may seem to bring serious disadvantages. But in the long run, in this life and in the afterlife, God rewards His children’s right choices and confers consequences (not eternal punishment) for wrong ones. “A man reaps what he sows” (Galatians 6:7, NIV). Continue reading

American Hero and Patriot Lydia Darrah

March is Women’s History Month, but the contributions of women to the Revolution are often neglected today. Many women demonstrated exemplary courage during this time. Here are a few examples.

In April, 1777, a large British force arrived in Fairfield, Connecticut. Marching through nearby Danbury, they searched for American supplies and burned property owned by patriots. A messenger from Danbury was sent to Col. Henry Ludington, the leader of a nearby militia, alerting him to what was happening and seeking his help. His militia was scattered throughout the countryside and someone was needed to alert them and round them up. The Danbury messenger was exhausted from his ride and also unfamiliar with the area, so Sybil Ludington, Col. Ludington’s 16 year-old daughter, carried the message, riding throughout the night, across 40 miles of dangerous country. Continue reading

Have you ever felt like people don’t really listen to what you are saying? You are not alone! Listening isn’t easy; it’s a decision and an action. God hears every whisper with the heart of a father.

“I am praying to you because I know you will answer, Oh God. Bend down and listen as I pray” (Psalm 17:6 NLT).

A few winters ago a barrage of hailstones pounded my office window. I looked outside instantly mesmerized as God surrounded me with His presence. I witnessed tiny chunks of ice erupt in slow motion morphing into fiery iridescence droplets as they hurled through the air. Then… the light faded, and hailstones turned into rain. Continue reading

“Love” might be the most often used word in America – and perhaps the least understood. People of all age groups just “love” anything from pizza to sports to cars to movies to vacations . . . sometimes even people. All of these expressions cause me to wonder if we genuinely understand the meaning of love.
The Greek language has at least three words for love. There is “philia” –friendship love – a type of relationship that begins to be learned at a very young age and continues throughout our life. It can include both male and female friendships and over a period of decades develop into a long list of people.
Friendship love involves a changing list of people, starting in early childhood and elementary school. If we are fortunate to remain in one geographic location during our growing up years, we might carry some friendships into our adult life. Continue reading

Pastor Clark Cothern

How does it feel to see blatant injustice and nobody is there to stop it?

I saw a guy get what he deserved one day as he was passing other cars dangerously. A cop saw him and pulled him over. Oh the exhilaration!

Justice showed up that day. It was Judgment Day for that horrible driver.

It’s an awful feeling to see injustice without anyone in sight who can do something about it, isn’t it? And it’s such a great feeling when someone actually does step in and justice is handed out. We feel so vindicated!

But… What happens when the shoe is on the other foot? Continue reading

Frank Maguire, The Northwest Connection

Question: “What does the Bible say about resentment?” Answer: “Ressentir is an old French word, literally meaning “intense feeling.” In English, it is resent, and it refers to feeling pain and indignation due to injustice or insult. People may feel resentful when they are cheated on, stolen from, or lied to. Resentment is often a reaction to being insulted or having one’s errors or weaknesses exposed. Resentment can be directed at an action, a statement, or a person—often, an authority figure, such as a parent, a teacher, or God. Resentment is the cheapest and least legitimate form of anger. It is all emotion and no strength. “Resentment can be sparked by perceived unfair treatment by another person. It could be an injustice, like not getting a deserved promotion, or it could be an insult. Either way, resentment stems from a love of the things of the world and a lack of faith in God and His plan. Continue reading

Perhaps one of the most familiar words in the English language is “home.” Every person, actually everything that exists, has a place called “home” – or in some cases a desire to have a home. A secure home solves many problems, and the lack of a home may be the greatest challenge to our survival.

Consider some of the uses of “home:” home team, home of our birth, animal home, the environment where a plant is at home, Home in Heaven – to name just a few. The home where we live probably comes to mind first. The need for a home follows us from the beginning to the end of our earth life.
Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys the benefit of a place to call home. Homelessness is a major concern these days as we try to find a way for everyone who wants it to have a place to call home. If we were born in another country and wish we still lived there, we will talk about going back home. Continue reading

Pastor Clark Cothern

Male and Female, He created them

Here is what we’ve already begun to grasp from just the first 13 verses of Scripture:

God created the earth (and everything else in the universe).

He created it as good (originally).

He established His order at creation.

His order benefits creation itself, especially humankind. Humans thrive when they live according to God’s created order. When they try to live outside the created order, things don’t go so well. Continue reading

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