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Kari Lee Fournier

Bible prophecy told us that a ‘Great Storm’ on Earth was coming, but the swiftness and fierceness with which it has attacked has taken us all by surprise. Suddenly, we are presented with the major birth pangs spoken of in prophecy in the form of a global pandemic, the defunding of law enforcement, and the vicious riots—not to mention the increased weather events, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanoes.

And we also clearly observe that one Mr. Donald J. Trump has been chosen by Almighty God, out of all those from whom He could have hand-picked, to navigate this world as it spirals out of control.

As storylines go, it does not get any better than this—the ‘Perfect Storm’ for the Anti-Christ to come on the scene, since we already see via this pandemic how many people instantly fold to any type of direction from government. So we knew what our Lord was going to do, in terms of end-times worldwide judgment—but now we have been presented with exactly how this will take place. Continue reading

Marlon Furtado

When I was first saved, I was confused after reading the book of Job. It seemed like Job’s friends had some distorted views of God. Yet, knowing that the Scriptures were inspired, I wasn’t sure if I was to believe everything they said. Now, my understanding of “inspired” convinces me that the conversations in Job are accurately recorded, but it doesn’t mean that everything the friends said about God was correct, or true. God has provided us with the rest of the Bible to discern what’s true about Him.

Not sure if you agree with me? Here’s what God said about it, “After the Lord had said these things to Job, He said to Eliphaz the Temanite, ‘I am angry with you and your two friends, because YOU HAVE NOT SPOKEN OF ME WHAT IS RIGHT, as My servant Job has.’” (Job 42:7).

An example of their distorted view of God is Elihu’s statement, “If they [people] obey and serve Him [God], they will spend the rest of their days in prosperity and their years in contentment.” (Job 36:11). Elihu, like the other men, was under the false, and simplistic, impression that God always rewarded good people with prosperity and ease, and He punished sinners with difficult and disappointing Continue reading

Jim Humphrey

Shortly before he was martyred, the Apostle Paul wrote the Philippians from a Roman prison: “Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ, And be found in him, not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith:” Philippians 3:8 – 9.

Many years before this, Paul wrote the third chapter of Romans, encapsulating the doctrine upon which this statement is based. The “all things” Paul counted as loss was what he at one time trusted for righteousness; he was “Circumcised the eighth day, of the stock of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, an Hebrew of the Hebrews; as touching the law, a Pharisee;” Philippians 3:5. But he subsequently learned from the Lord Jesus Christ and documented in Romans that all the things he had counted on for his righteousness were worthless and the only thing that counted came through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith. Continue reading

Marlon Furtado

The real problem in our world is not hunger, poverty, crime, racism, abortion, injustice, war, or exploitation. These all are the RESULTS of our real problem. The single seed from which all these problems germinate and grow is our rebellion against God.

God created mankind and put him in an idyllic environment with only one restriction. “And the Lord God commanded the man, ‘You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.’ (Genesis 2:16–17) As you know, Adam decided he was better suited than God to determine what was good and what was evil. He rebelled against God, and that has been the history of mankind.

Each of us is born with an inherent dislike for anyone telling us, “No.” When we are just a toddler, the word most often used in the English vocabulary is “No.” How many children obey without putting up a fight? Just take a few minutes to observe moms with small children in checkout lines at a grocery store. The child grabs a candy bar. When the mom quietly shakes her head, does the child quickly put it back without a battle of the wills?

You have probably heard the story of the little boy who was arguing with his mom. She demanded he sit down. The boy did so, but muttered to himself, “I may be sitting down on the outside, but I’m standing on the inside.” It’s not any easier for us as we grow older. We don’t like it when we are told what to do. In this time of pandemic, when I am told that I must wear a mask, like the little boy, on the outside I put my mask on, but on the inside, I keep my face uncovered. Continue reading

Jim Humphrey

The word “faith” is found 9 times in the third chapter of Romans, the first being our text for today; “For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?” Romans 3:3. To understand this verse, we must first understand the essence of faith. It’s often said that the Bible is the best commentary on itself and Scripture is clear: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1. The word “substance” is translated from the Greek “hupostasis”* (G5187) found 5 times in the New Testament (NT). The King James Version (KJV) translates it “substance” only here; “confident or confidence” in 3 passages, 2 Corinthians 9:4, 2 Corinthians 11:17 and Hebrews 3:14 and “person” in Hebrews 1:3. Strong defines it as: “a setting under (support), that is, (figuratively) concretely essence, or abstractly assurance (objectively or subjectively).” The word “evidence” is from the Greek “elengchos” (G1650) found only one other place in the NT where it is translated “reproof in the KJV: “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:” 2 Timothy 3:16. The Lexicon defines it as “evidence, demonstration, proof, convincing argument.”

Faith exists in human interactions as well as those involving our Creator. Two separate and distinct agents are at work with faith, one is passive, the other active. By passive, I mean impotent, i.e., powerless to produce a result. By active I mean dynamic, efficient, effective, i.e., power to produce a result. The passive agent is always a person. The active agent can be a person or God: Continue reading

Helen Maguire

George Ray Tweed, photo credit: Wikipedia

On July 10, 1944, equipped with only a mirror and hand-made semaphore, U.S. Navy Radioman First Class George Ray Tweed signaled: “I have information” to the U.S. fleet as they approached Guam for the Second Battle of Guam.

From his vantage point, Tweed conveyed information about Japanese defenses that he had gathered during his seclusion overlooking the west coast of the island. He was quickly rescued by a whaleboat from the USS McCall.

At the age of 20, Tweed enlisted in the United States Navy in 1922 and attended the basic training at Naval Station Great Lakes. He also attended the Radioman School and served in the various Navy radio units until 1940, when he was transferred to the Naval Base Guam.

Radioman First Class, Tweed was serving in the Navy Communication Office when the Japanese invaded the island on December 8, 1941, in the First Battle of Guam. Tweed had arrived on Guam in August 1939.

He and five other navy men from the USS Penguin slipped into the Guam jungle rather than become prisoners of war.

The group believed that American forces would rescue Guam from the Japanese within a matter of six weeks at the most, and figured they could hold out in hiding for that long. Little did they know that it would be more than two and a half years before American forces returned. Continue reading

General Michael T. Flynn, photo credit: Wikipedia

Father, we pray you give our nation rest. Please quiet the voices and spirits of evil that are trying to overthrow our land.

I was once told if we’re not careful, 2 percent of the passionate will control 98 percent of the indifferent 100 percent of the time. . . .

Treason and treachery are rampant and our rule of law and those law enforcement professionals who uphold our laws are under the gun more than at any time in our nation’s history. These passionate 2 percent appear to be winning. . . .

If the United States wants to survive the onslaught of socialism, if we are to continue to enjoy self-government and the liberty of our hard-fought freedoms, we have to understand there are two opposing forces: One is the “children of light” and the other is the “children of darkness.” . . .

Time and again, the silent majority have been overwhelmed by the “audacity and resolve” of small, well-organized, passionate groups. It’s now time for us, the silent majority (the indifferent), to demonstrate both. . . .

As a policewoman from Virginia told me, “People don’t feel safe in their homes and our police force is so demoralized we cannot function as we should. In my 23 years with my department, I have never seen morale so low.” . . .

Don’t fret. Through smart, positive actions of resolute citizen-patriots, we can prevail. . . . Continue reading

Kari Lee Fournier

Fireworks and parades and ice cream cones and picnics…all a celebration of our Independence Day…won by so much blood and treasure. So many brave souls, many of whom we will never read about in print…these men and women of valor who put their own lives and desires aside for the betterment of future generations. A debt that none of us can ever repay.

Yes, living in the United States of America is a bit like winning the lottery—in terms of being blessed with the greatest country in the world. Most of all, we value our freedom, also referred to as liberty, and we value our culture of righteousness, also referred to as justice. “…one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Such cherished words in our Pledge of Allegiance. We innately know that these two things, liberty and justice, are what lead to true peace and joy.

And we also know that the God of The Holy Bible values freedom enormously. After all, the greatest freedom that He could allow would be for His children to have the authority to accept or even reject Him. And God allowed even that freedom. Quite a concession for the Creator of the universe….

But what is true freedom? Is it the opportunity to do whatever we feel like doing? To not have any restrictions? Or to live a life of pure comfort and pleasure, regardless of our fellowman? And just where do our rights begin to infringe upon the rights of others, who also may be on their own self-centered paths to freedom? Continue reading

Marlon Furtado

We expect our friends to be loyal. How would you feel if your closest friend cowardly denied knowing you? Friends who forsake you create some of the deepest scars. For 3 ½ years Peter had been groomed by the Lord to be the leader of the disciples after His death, resurrection, and return to Heaven. Yet, when the chips were down, Peter failed.

Peter had heard the Lord’s words. With his own eyes, He had seen diseases healed instantly, food multiplied, storms stilled, and demons overpowered. When Jesus told all the disciples that they would soon abandon Him, Peter boasted, “Even if all fall away on account of you, I never will.” (Matthew 26:33)

Only a few hours later, Peter’s bravado failed him, and he denied knowing the Lord. Like Peter, our pride leads us to have an elevated view of ourselves. After his third denial, “The Lord turned and looked straight at Peter.” (Luke 22:61) Could you imagine how that must have devastated Peter when his eyes locked onto those of the Lord! Continue reading

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano Photo credit: Wikipedia

Mr. President,

In recent months we have been witnessing the formation of two opposing sides that I would call Biblical: the children of light and the children of darkness. The children of light constitute the most conspicuous part of humanity, while the children of darkness represent an absolute minority. And yet the former are the object of a sort of discrimination which places them in a situation of moral inferiority with respect to their adversaries, who often hold strategic positions in government, in politics, in the economy and in the media. In an apparently inexplicable way, the good are held hostage by the wicked and by those who help them either out of self-interest or fearfulness.

These two sides, which have a Biblical nature, follow the clear separation between the offspring of the Woman and the offspring of the Serpent. On the one hand there are those who, although they have a thousand defects and weaknesses, are motivated by the desire to do good, to be honest, to raise a family, to engage in work, to give prosperity to their homeland, to help the needy, and, in obedience to the Law of God, to merit the Kingdom of Heaven. On the other hand, there are those who serve themselves, who do not hold any moral principles, who want to demolish the family and the nation, exploit workers to make themselves unduly wealthy, foment internal divisions and wars, and accumulate power and money: for them the fallacious illusion of temporal well-being will one day – if they do not repent – yield to the terrible fate that awaits them, far from God, in eternal damnation.

In society, Mr. President, these two opposing realities co-exist as eternal enemies, just as God and Satan are eternal enemies. And it appears that the children of darkness – whom we may easily identify with the deep state which you wisely oppose and which is fiercely waging war against you in these days Continue reading

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