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Paula Olson, The Northwest Connection

Who doesn’t like a treasure hunt? And with kids involved, the delight of adventure is intensified. Maybe you have heard of a certain world-wide activity that blends creativity, clues and observation, and exploring the outdoors, all in one. It is called letterboxing. It’s a lower-tech version of geo caching, if you will.
According to one letterboxing website, the tradition began in 1854 when a man put his calling card in a bottle, leaving it in a remote pool or pond in England. Adventurers who made it to this nearly inaccessible site left their own calling cards in the bottle, and eventually in a tin box. Visitors began to leave self-addressed post cards so the next person to find the post card would mail it back from his or her hometown. Continue reading

May’s official flower, one of the most beautiful, delicate, and fragrant spring flowers, the Lily-of-the-Valley, was mentioned by John Lawrence in “The Flower Garden” (1726) as having the “sweetest and most agreeable perfume.”
Also known as May lily, May bells, lily constancy, ladder-to-heaven, and fairy ladders, Lily-of-the-Valley is a low-growing perennial plant that makes an excellent ground cover. It usually has two large oblong leaves and small, bell-shaped flowers, making it a popular choice for bridal corsages, bouquets and centerpieces. Continue reading

If you are getting forgetful as you get older, then a research team from the University of Reading and the Peninsula Medical School in the South West of England may have good news for you.

They have found that phytochemical-rich foods, such as blueberries, are effective at reversing age-related deficits in memory, according to a study published in the science journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine. Continue reading

By Connie Warnock, NW Connection

A month ago, I was present at a regular meeting of concerned citizens that takes place at the Boring Fire Station on the first Tuesday of each month. I only meant to stay for the social hour prior to the meeting. However, the speakers who were from Clackamas County law enforcement, and they were very interesting, so I stayed for the entire evening.

The subject was criminal activity and/or supposed criminal activity in our neighborhoods and how we, as residents, can handle it. Much stress was put on well-run systems of Neighborhood Watch. As most of us know, gone are the days of blissfully trusting all of our neighbors and assuming that the people going in and out of the house a block away – the one with the For Rent sign – are redecorating it! Continue reading

As soon as we get past January 1st, I start to feel impatient. It’s the time of year I start planning what to grow in my quest for the most perfect Homemade Salsa. Every year, I try several new varieties to find the most flavorful tomatoes, the freshest tasting herbs, and the sweetest corn. Most unusual varieties have to be grown from seed. If you want to join me on my quest, I’ll give you a few of my greatest Secrets to growing great Salsa Ingredients from seed.

Use Good Seed Growing Trays. I prefer the little trays you can purchase at Bi-Mart that have the clear covers to help hold in moisture. I have used the jiffy pellets with good results. You get them wet and they swell up into a little round dirt pots, ready to grow. One of the things I love about them is that you plant the entire thing with absolutely no mess. If money is an issue, you can also use paper egg cartons in plastic vegetable bags. I start most everything inside in those little pots, it really helps improve germination and stop birds and things from digging up and eating the seeds. Continue reading

Paula Olson, The Northwest Connection

It’s already March. How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? A friend of mine has latched onto Chinese New Year because she says it’s sort of like a “re-do” opportunity if you don’t stick to your calendar year resolutions. Chinese New Year usually falls at the end of January or early February and this, the year of the dragon, was no exception. So, about three weeks after 2017 started, some of us said, “Well, let’s be serious about it now.” Have I gotten down to the business of carrying out my resolutions?

Not so much. I remember giving up a few years ago after trying to explain resolutions to my son. He resolved to go swimming with his parents during open swim (read: play time for kids and families) twice a week at the Y. That was actually more of a wish to lock the parents into a commitment they can’t keep due to scheduling, sports games, and other various obstacles. But it sounded good to him. Continue reading

Paula Olson

They have as much fun with the box as they do with the toy that came in it! If you have been around toddlers at a birthday party then you know it is true. That’s not much consolation to friends or relatives who poured valuable time and deep thought into finding the perfect gift for the child, but they can always consider it as two gifts in one, right? By using your own ingenuity and letting your children use their creativity, you can find plenty of inexpensive ways to entertain ages from the toddler crowd all the way up through grade school. Extending the life of a piece of cardboard destined for the recycler is one way. Here is a hefty list of ideas to get you started, inside or outside the box. Continue reading

There are some reliable natural cleaners on the market that have been available for years in co-ops and now there is a new slew of household cleaners on store shelves in the likes of Target and Fred Meyer. They claim to be “green,” but, wait a minute – Clorox® and “natural” on the same label? Continue reading

Helen Maguire

Chicago lawyer, Horatio G. Spafford

In our small community here, in Arizona City, my husband Frank and I actively participate in our non-denominational worship services each Sunday. Frank assists with providing music and I contribute by putting the applicable hymn lyrics up on a large TV Screen. Recently, I had the opportunity to do a bit of research about one of our favorite hymns: “It is well with my soul.” In this month’s article, I’m sharing a bit of what I learned. Continue reading

Bryan Fischer

Bryan Fischer

Socialism is, and always will, be a colossal failure. This is for the simple reason that even the best of men eventually grow tired of getting ripped off. An entire economy based on theft – even legalized theft – cannot possibly work.

We’re always told that the only reason socialism has never worked is that the right people haven’t been in charge. Well, if there were ever a group of men who were the right people to put in charge of an experiment in socialism, it was our Pilgrim forebears.

They were godly, steeped in Scripture, and pure in motive. As Governor Bradford said, these were “good and honest men.” In fact, the entire purpose of their relocation to the New World was for “the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.” (Yes, America was founded as a Christian nation.) Continue reading

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