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Art Crino

Art Crino is a combat veteran of WW II, graduate of OSU in Electrical Engineering

This primarily reviews the book American Made by Dan Di Micco, Chairman Emeritus of Nucor Steel.

The United States has experienced 30 years of slipshod economics and 20 years of failed unbalanced trade policies. This was caused by lack of leadership. Di Micco says we need to create 30 million new jobs by 2025. And we need to invest $3.6 trillion in infrastructure improvements and expansion. Our leaders, consciously or unconsciously have declared his goals as mission impossible. Di Micco disagrees. Continue reading

W.D Hoard

W.D Hoard, Farmer

“Wisdom is the power to see behind a tree.” – old Indian chief

“Common sense is the widest understanding possible of the relationship of common things and our relationship to them.” – William Dempster Hoard (1836-1918)

A FARMER’S PHILOSOPHY. For the benefit of anyone who has never heard of this great man, I think this is a good time for a book review. “W.D.” – as he’s usually known around these parts – headquarters of his still-existing publishing enterprise, had no formal education beyond the age of fourteen, and graduated from farm hand door-to-door salesman. He was an unapologetic farmer by trade (as were several of our Presidents). “The Life of William Dempster Hoard” is the book, and what a life it was! Continue reading

Fairview Mayor Ted Tosterud

Fairview Mayor Ted Tosterud

Last week I was shocked to learn that two former city councilors who abruptly quit mid-term filed a recall petition against me – and the councilors who replaced them.

As your mayor, I’ve prided myself on communicating with transparency and candor. In that tradition, I would like to offer a glimpse of what this is really about.

This recall is about personality, not policy. Continue reading

Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day)

Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day)

Earlier this month, Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) sent a letter to the Oregon Educators Benefit Board (OEBB) asking the board to eliminate a proposed rule to impose a $100 fee per month per teacher or other public education employee who opts out of OEBB medical coverage. On June 17, April Kelly, rules coordinator for OEBB, responded to Ferrioli saying OEBB had decided to drop the $100 monthly fee on educators for exercising their right to choose the medical coverage best suited for their families. Continue reading

By Steve Buckstein

By Steve Buckstein

Oregonians Must Unite to Stop IP28

 Public employee union backers of Initiative Petition 28 have turned in more than enough signatures to place their massive 2.5 percent gross receipts tax measure on Oregon’s November ballot.

While supposedly dedicating most of the $6 billion per biennium additional tax revenue to public education, health care, and senior services, in reality legislators would be under pressure from powerful lobbyists in the Capitol to substitute at least some of this new revenue for money they would otherwise dedicate to those services. In short, the loudest voices in Salem, not voters, will ultimately control where this extra tax money goes. Continue reading

Jim Wagner, The Northwest Connection

Jim Wagner, The Northwest Connection

After the Orlando slaughter at the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender (LGBT) bar, I received an e-mail from a writer friend. It was a series of questions with a request that interested persons respond with answers.

Given the comments of President Obama and his associates, the singularly focused editorials in the recognizably “progressive” media, Dennis Prager’s report from Rome, Italy that the U.S. Embassy in Rome was “draped” with a large LGBT flag, and the anti-2nd Amendment same-old question-begging arguments, by such as the Giffordites, that American citizens are not entitled to carry concealed side-arms (the question begged is that if one or more of the citizens at the LBGT had been armed, the killer might have been stopped might not many lives have been saved?) I decided to “take a shot” at answering the reasonable queries of the questioner.

***************************************************************************** Continue reading

Book_burning_(3)The Portland Public School board recently voted to prohibit textbooks or classroom materials questioning the mainstream thinking about climate change.

The decision has sparked an outpouring of commentary, with many writers supportive of the School Board.

However, the wording of the Board resolution should greatly concern parents of Portland public school students. Resolution No. 5272 is two pages long, but the most chilling part is the final sentence: Continue reading


Social cost of methane regulations will further constrain energy production, for no benefit

Having already done yeoman’s work stifling economic growth and job creation, President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency is doubling down again.

The United States created a paltry 38,000 new jobs in May: one for every 8,000 Americans. Its labor force participation rate is a miserable 63% – meaning 93 million Americans are not working, while 6.4 million more are trying to feed their families on involuntary part-time positions and a fraction of their previous salaries. Manufacturing lost another 20,000 jobs in May, as the economy grew at an almost stagnant 0.8% the first quarter of 2016. Middle class family incomes and net worth continue to slide. Continue reading

bildebergjune092016Bilderberg 2016: What Are The Global Elite Plotting This Time Around

By Michael Snyder – End of The America Dream Blog

Later this week, dozens of the most important men in the world are going to gather at an ultra-luxury hotel in Dresden, Germany to discuss the future of the planet.
What will happen at this meeting will not be televised, and the mainstream media in the United States will almost entirely ignore it, but decisions will be made at this conference that will affect the lives of every man, woman and child on the entire globe. Continue reading

graduationcapbwGraduates face a big challenge

When they go into the Real World, college and high school grads will actually have to THINK

As they don caps and gowns, endure commencement speeches and take their diplomas, many high school and college graduates face bleak prospects in an economy that grew a dismal 0.5% the first quarter.

The United States added a meager 160,000 new non-farm jobs in April, a paltry 4,000 of them in manufacturing. First quarter 2016 averaged just 203,000 jobs per month. The labor force participation rate remains stuck at an abysmal 63% – meaning 93 million working age Americans are still unemployed. Continue reading

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