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By Paul Driessen

Al Gore’s bombast and hypocrisy, an energy debacle “no one saw coming,” lessons for USA

The Wall Street Journal called it the energy shortage “no one saw coming.” Actually, a lot of people did see it coming. But intent on pursuing their “dangerous manmade climate change” and “renewable energy will save the planet” agendas, the political classes ignored them. So the stage was set.

As an Australia-wide heat wave sent temperatures soaring above 105 degrees F (40.6 C) in early 2017, air conditioning demand skyrocketed. But Adelaide, South Australia is heavily dependent on wind turbines for electricity generation – and there was no wind. Continue reading

Bryan Fischer

If you’ve ever gone to a summer camp in North America, the odds are good that you have been duped into participating in a snipe hunt, or shamelessly duped others into participating in one.

A snipe hunt is a hunt for an elusive and imaginary creature called, well, a snipe. The unsuspecting victim is led to an outdoor spot, and given an empty sack or pillowcase, and told to make creaturely noises to attract the prey into his clutches. His fellow campers melt into the darkness, after promising to chase the creatures right to him.

Then the campers return to camp and sit around the campfire eating s’mores and laughing themselves silly, waiting to see how long it will take for their hapless victim to discover that he’s a dupe. Continue reading

Bill Wehr

Bill Wehr, The NW Connection

Wow! It’s really hot out there. I know about the weather. I’m talking about the real estate market. The prices of homes in Damascus are high and inventory low.

Suppose you have a commercial building on 1 ¼ acre that has a tax assessed market value of $356,080 by the County. Someone comes to you with an appraisal in hand, that was ordered by that person, and it shows a market value of $235,000. Similar properties in your area could go for $500,000 or more. The party offers you $235,000 and you readily accept. Smart move on your part? Most definitely not. However, Clackamas County Commissioners accepted a deal similar to this, and it is to be closed in escrow this month.

The Intergovernmental Agreement ( IGA ) Regarding Real Property between Clackamas County and Fire District #1 is troubling in that is appears to be a failure in the County’s fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers of Damascus. Continue reading

Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)

Kim Strassel at the Bradley Award ceremony in 2014 (Photo from Mike Strassel via the Oregonian)

Growing up in the rural Washington County town of Buxton, Oregon, Kimberley Strassel excelled at shooting, fishing, and demolition derbies, not exactly the skills that would lead her to fame as a member of the Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board. But she was also the Valedictorian of her graduating class at Banks High School in 1990. That led her to Princeton University, where she studied public policy and international affairs. She intended to go on to law school, but was persuaded to accept a position as a reporter at the Journal. She so loved the job that she has now been there for more than two decades.

In 2014 Kim received the Bradley Prize for Excellence in journalism, and her parents traveled from Oregon to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC to view the awards ceremony. Her mother Annie commented “As sweet of a girl as Kim is, as fair minded and kind, she has a little bit of mama in her,” referring to her daughter’s demolition driving. “She was very aggressive and still is today when she gets her teeth into something.”
Fast forward to May 25 this year, and we find Strassel writing in the Journal: Continue reading

Lydia White, Research Associate, Cascade Policy Institute

A team of researchers from the University of Washington produced a study, published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, that measures the effects of Seattle’s minimum wage requirement of $13 per hour.

The study* found that the city’s mandates resulted in 3% higher hourly wages, but 9% fewer hours worked. As a result, the average low-wage employee lost around $125 per month. For low-income households especially, an annual loss of $1,500 is significant.

Jacob Vigdor, one of the study’s authors and a professor at UW, said, “Traditionally, a high proportion of workers in the low-wage market are not experienced at all: teens with their first jobs, immigrants with their first jobs here.” Continue reading

Lori Porter

Lori Porter, Parent Rights In Education

Do you remember the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program in the 1980’s? It was created by the Los Angeles Police Department and presented to students in elementary public schools. There was a big push for students to “just say no” to drugs. Students were given t-shirts with the DARE logo on it, and bumper stickers adorned cars across the country.
The problem was that the program taught students all about the buffet of illicit and dangerous drugs. Instead of turning them away from drugs, children became curious. What a surprise…drug use went up as these children became teens.
Fast forward to comprehensive sexuality grooming education. In 2015 the state of Oregon received a perfect score on “The Population Institute’s 2015 report card on reproductive health and rights for its comprehensive sexuality grooming education program.” We are teaching children in the public schools every conceivable way to have sex, sex with the same sex or opposite sex partners, if it feels right…”just do it!” Continue reading

By Paul Driessen

Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy would inflict major land, wildlife, resource damage

Demands that the world replace fossil fuels with wind, solar and biofuel energy – to prevent supposed catastrophes caused by manmade global warming and climate change – ignore three fundamental flaws.

1) In the Real World outside the realm of computer models, the unprecedented warming and disasters are simply not happening: not with temperatures, rising seas, extreme weather or other alleged problems. Continue reading

Lori Porter

Lori Porter, Parent Rights In Education

Once again the ubiquitous Planned Parenthood is on the offense, skulking the halls of our state house, and backing legislation that would allow nurse practitioners to perform vasectomies.

Oregon House Bill 2103 has already passed the house and is on its way to the senate. In 2015 Planned Parenthood promoted House Bill 2678, same bill different number. Fortunately, enough senators did not look favorably upon this bill and it died—a deserved death.

Parents need to understand that any type of contraceptive care can be accessed by their child at any age in Oregon without parental knowledge or consent. A vasectomy is considered contraceptive care! Will school-based health clinics be performing vasectomies? Continue reading

Kathryn Hickok

By Kathryn Hickok,  Cascade Policy Institute

Six years ago, Arizona became the first state to pass an Education Savings Account law for some K-12 students. In April, lawmakers there passed a new ESA bill which expands the program eligibility to include all Arizona children. Florida, Mississippi, and Tennessee also have ESA programs limited to certain students, such as those with special needs. Nevada also passed a near-universal ESA bill, but it is yet to be funded.

Education Savings Accounts put parents in the educational “driver’s seat.” An ESA is analogous to a debit card for qualifying education expenses. It gives parents who want to opt out of a public school that is not meeting their child’s needs a portion of the per-student state funding for spending on their child’s education in other ways. Funds not used by the student in a given year can be rolled over for future years. Continue reading

Gordon J. Fulks, Ph.D

Speaking from the Rose Garden on the first of June, you made a very strong case for withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement. Many scientists, including some very famous ones, strongly support your decision, as the best for America and indeed for the world. The further we can distance our nation from the climate madness, the better everyone will be.

America has again become a world leader rather than a follower, thanks entirely to you. Continue reading

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