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Bryan Fischer

Note: this is the first in a series of columns written to explain the theme “Everything you’ve heard about the Constitution is wrong.” I’m starting this series in honor of the Constitution, which had its 230th birthday on Sunday, September 17, 2017.

An obviously distressed young female student came into the office of Cornell’s lead Title IX investigator in the fall of 2015. The woman had come in the hopes that Elizabeth McGrath could ease her anguish.

Something terrible had happened to this student that same day, something that had “triggered” an intense emotional reaction inside her; something “oppressive” had happened that left her shaken and in need of urgent help. Continue reading

Moving to a tiny town in the hills of West Virginia took me out of the loop for about a month – no TV or internet with horrible cell phone service and too much static on the radio to listen to Rush. Upon finally getting back on line, I learned that the airways have been dominated by a bunch of scumbag haters calling themselves Antifa.

I’m a black original member of the Tea Party movement, singer/songwriter of the “American Tea Party Anthem.” http://bit.ly/2lr3JZX Outrageously, fake news media grants respect to Antifa, which is boldly and arrogantly inciting hate and engaging in violence which fake news media falsely accused the Tea Party of doing. Fake news media’s insidious deception is the epitome of evil. Continue reading

Kathryn Hickok, Cascade Policy Institute

State economists have confirmed that individual Oregon income taxpayers will receive kicker refunds next year. Based on the May revenue forecast, more than $463 million will be returned to taxpayers as a credit on their 2018 tax bills, with the average refund being $227.

But with the news that the coming refunds will reduce our tax liabilities, some are criticizing the way the kicker law works, while others argue the money really belongs to the state, not the taxpayers. They argue that as long as any group of Oregonians—or any state government budget item—has a “need” for that money, then the money should go to them instead of back to the individuals who earned it. Continue reading

By Paul Driessen

Erroneous recent calculation highlights need to assess renewable energy sustainability claims

It’s amazing, though hardly surprising, how quickly some used Hurricane Harvey’s devastation to claim that fossil fuel emissions are driving catastrophic climate change and weather. Their proffered solution, of course, is to replace those fuels with “clean, sustainable, renewable” energy. Continue reading

Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)

In a world awash with very serious problems, Oregonians seem trapped in an alternate reality. Our senior U.S. Senator Ron Wyden is most concerned about collusion with Russia, when a fat, belligerent, and very erratic tyrant in another far off land is fast acquiring nuclear weapons that will soon be able to strike the United States. Which cities beyond Alaska are most vulnerable to die in an instant with a brilliant flash of light? Seattle and Portland.

We seem to live in a parallel universe dominated by fantasies of collusion, sanctuary for criminal aliens, marijuana shops, transgender bathrooms, fashionable energy, and, of course, politicized science. Continue reading

Art Crino

Apprehensions about large tax exempt foundations go back beyond the Clinton and Soros foundations. In the early 1950s Congress formed a Committee to investigate the major foundations. It started under Representative Cox but evolved to Representative Carroll Reece of Tennessee.

It found a variety of activities that were surprising and disturbing. The committee’s Director of Continue reading

Bryan Fischer

President Trump’s political adversaries, whether establishment Republicans or Democrats, are apoplectic at his pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Arpaio instructed his deputies to check the immigration status of anyone who was stopped for a traffic violation, and hand over any illegals they encountered to Border Patrol. Arpaio had a legal duty, according to federal and state law, to detain illegal aliens, and he did his duty. Continue reading

By Paul Driessen

Anti-mining groups “protect” local tribe against phony risks by trampling on Guatemalan workers

Not long ago, supposed “environmental justice” concerns at least involved risks to mine workers and their families. The risks may have been inflated, or ignored for decades, but they were a major focus. Continue reading

Art Crino

As we approached the August 1945 anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the media and many politicians trot out the myth that dropping the bombs saved a large number of American soldiers who did not have to invade the Japanese mainland. The majority of American citizens believe this false history. Continue reading

Bryan Fischer,

About a month ago, the Commander-in-Chief issued a series of Tweets in which he announced the re-establishment of a military ban for those who suffer from the mental disorder known diplomatically as “gender dysphoria.” This is a condition in which males, whose DNA is 100% male, become so confused they think they are females trapped inside a male body, and in which females, whose DNA is 100% female, are so mentally confused they think they are males trapped inside female bodies.

Excerpt from the Wall Street Journal (emphasis mine): Continue reading

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