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Baker & Grande Ronde Railroad by the Lee family in Corbett

Baker & Grande Ronde Railroad by the Lee family in Corbett

By Phil Yokers

This year, Thirteen Garden Railways in the greater Portland area will be open for visitation from 10am to 5pm on Saturday, June 18th. This is a great activity for the whole family at a very affordable price. The garden railways have miniature plants, structures and people populating the “G” scale railroad worlds that have been created. Several gardens feature streams and ponds with bridges and trestles over which the trains pull their passenger and freight cars.
The admission fee of $10 per family, all ages, purchases a self-guided tour booklet with photos, a description of each garden layout, handicap access information, maps to get there, and admission to all 13 featured railroads. Continue reading

Jim Wagner, The Northwest Connection

Jim Wagner, The Northwest Connection

After the Orlando slaughter at the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender (LGBT) bar, I received an e-mail from a writer friend. It was a series of questions with a request that interested persons respond with answers.

Given the comments of President Obama and his associates, the singularly focused editorials in the recognizably “progressive” media, Dennis Prager’s report from Rome, Italy that the U.S. Embassy in Rome was “draped” with a large LGBT flag, and the anti-2nd Amendment same-old question-begging arguments, by such as the Giffordites, that American citizens are not entitled to carry concealed side-arms (the question begged is that if one or more of the citizens at the LBGT had been armed, the killer might have been stopped might not many lives have been saved?) I decided to “take a shot” at answering the reasonable queries of the questioner.

***************************************************************************** Continue reading

This 10-pound snapping turtle was recently found in a douglas County water treatment plant. ODFW photo

This 10-pound snapping turtle was recently found in a Douglas County water treatment plant. ODFW photo

ROSEBURG, Ore – A 10-pound snapping turtle recently found at the Yoncalla Water Treatment Plant is a good reminder not to release pet turtles into the wild. It’s illegal, and it’s harmful for Oregon’s two native turtles, the Western Pond Turtle and Western Painted Turtle.

Snapping turtles, red-eared sliders, and map turtles and are not native to Oregon and are often illegally bought, sold or traded in the state. These are the most common pet turtles but are prohibited by law in Oregon because they are invasive species. Continue reading

Book_burning_(3)The Portland Public School board recently voted to prohibit textbooks or classroom materials questioning the mainstream thinking about climate change.

The decision has sparked an outpouring of commentary, with many writers supportive of the School Board.

However, the wording of the Board resolution should greatly concern parents of Portland public school students. Resolution No. 5272 is two pages long, but the most chilling part is the final sentence: Continue reading


Social cost of methane regulations will further constrain energy production, for no benefit

Having already done yeoman’s work stifling economic growth and job creation, President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency is doubling down again.

The United States created a paltry 38,000 new jobs in May: one for every 8,000 Americans. Its labor force participation rate is a miserable 63% – meaning 93 million Americans are not working, while 6.4 million more are trying to feed their families on involuntary part-time positions and a fraction of their previous salaries. Manufacturing lost another 20,000 jobs in May, as the economy grew at an almost stagnant 0.8% the first quarter of 2016. Middle class family incomes and net worth continue to slide. Continue reading

I like the feeling of accomplishment and making things look better

I like the feeling of accomplishment and making things look better

By Jim Kight

By Jim Kight

It’s 6:00 a.m. and time for breakfast. The first of the work crews are getting ready for a hard day’s work outside whether it is rain or shine, hot or cold. They are grouped together in dorms at Multnomah County Inverness Jail. They have the same goals; do a good day’s work, and get out of jail for the day. As one inmate described it “we have less arguing, less fighting and have a common goal to work together. We like being outside no matter what the weather is like. It feels good to have accomplished something at the end of the day”.

Many of you have seen them in their orange safety vests and bib overalls. They have qualified to work outside cleaning and trimming next to highways, vacant public buildings and a myriad of other projects and a majority of inmates enjoy it. This also includes some nasty cleanups like illegal dump sites and homeless camps. Continue reading

Thursday - Sat, June 10-24, 7:30pm

Thursday – Sat, June 10-24, 7:30pm

Actors Katrina Dawson & Mike Dunay have fun with Reality TV

Actors Katrina Dawson & Mike Dunay have fun with Reality TV

Mark and Heather are fed up with their financial troubles–and with each other. Mark is an unemployed marketing agent who copes with his failures by bullying and ignoring his family. His insecurities are compounded by a fear that his wife has been unfaithful. Heather is a burned out loan officer who survives her tumultuous marriage by drinking too much. When Kitty, their quirky teenage daughter, convinces them that a reality TV show is their ticket out of hardship, the parents jump at it only to find later that having a camera in their faces 24-7 is no picnic. In fact, things go from bad to worse. Continue reading


Frank Maguire, The Northwest Connection

Frank Maguire, Dignified Author, The Northwest Connection

On Saturday, April 30th, my wife Helen and I attended, in Casa Grande, Arizona, the Black Box Theatre’s staging of Radium Girls. In every category—directing, acting, staging—we considered the production another BBT success.

Helen and I had read the script. Black Box Theatre captured the factually-historical events that resulted in the trial against U. S. Radium Corporation–founded in 1914 as the Radium Luminous Material Corporation, the company marketed “Undark,” a mixture of radium and zinc, the radiation causing the sulfide to fluoresce. Continue reading

My Story

By Marlon Furtado, Associate Pastor, Greater Gresham Baptist Church

By Marlon Furtado, Associate Pastor, Greater Gresham Baptist Church

O Bottle, I’m so glad to be rid of you.

When I first met you in my senior year of high school…I thought you were my friend

That first screwdriver Steve fixed at his dad’s bar was GREAT!

I had the BEST time at the dance.liquor-bottle-pourers

Sober by the end. Perfect…NO IDEA WHAT I HAD BEEN MISSING. Continue reading

Lipizzaners Operation Cowboy: Part Two

Helen Maguire, The Northwest Connection

Helen Maguire, The Northwest Connection

In last month’s NWC, I wrote about how the Lipizzan horses of the Spanish Riding School were rescued from the Nazi captors by U.S. General George Patton’s Third Army’s 2nd Cavalry unit. This month’s article will cover a broader aspect of the history of the Lipizzan horses, particularly with regard to how they were impacted by the various wars in Europe during the past 500 years.

In 1572 the first Spanish Riding Hall was built, during the Austrian Empire, and is the oldest of its kind in the world. The Spanish Riding School, though located in Vienna, Austria, takes its name from the original Spanish heritage of its horses. Continue reading

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