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Bryan Fischer

The Founding Fathers set out to craft a Constitution for the specific purpose of telling the new central government what it could NOT do. Patrick Henry and others refused to support the new Constitution because it did not contain a Bill of Rights, which would set out clearly the rights ordinary Americans possess which the federal government would not be allowed to take away.

Henry was afraid that without clear, unambiguous restraints on the power and reach of the central government, we would simply be exchanging a new tyrant – King Government – for the one we had just got rid of, King George.

And so a cluster of amendments was drafted and quickly adopted by the states. Ten shackles were forged for the federal government which became known as the Bill of Rights. Based on our recent history with England, the Founders were eager, as a first order of business, to make it clear that the just-formed government would be absolutely forbidden to tell the church how to do its business. John Bunyan, author of Pilgrim’s Progress, was locked up in jail for 12 years for preaching without a license. The Founders were determined that something like that would never get a foothold here.

According to the First Amendment, the government would be resolutely forbidden to “establish” an official church for the United States. It was forever prevented from picking one Christian denomination and making it the American equivalent of the Anglican Church and requiring American citizens to support it with their tax dollars. Continue reading

Christopher Duane Holverson

Casey Lee Murphy

Please reference CCSO Case # 20-011024

On May 28, the Happy Valley Police Department and Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested two subjects on several charges after they were seen prowling around a Damascus neighborhood. Stolen property was recovered and some was returned to the owners. Authorities are currently searching for more victims so they can reunite them with their stolen property.

At 2:30 a.m. on Thursday, May 28, 2020, Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a 911 call reporting a subject walking through Damascus’ Goosehollow neighborhood checking for unlocked cars. There appeared to be a car following the subject slowly.

(The Goosehollow neighborhood is located in Damascus near SE Eckert Road and Highway 224; it’s not to be confused with Portland’s Goose Hollow neighborhood.)

Upon arriving in the area, a deputy spotted the suspect vehicle driving without headlights on. The deputy stopped the car on Hwy. 212 near SE 152nd Avenue in Happy Valley to investigate further.

Deputies contacted the two subjects in the car, who were later identified as Casey Lee Murphy, 34, of Portland, and Christopher Duane Holverson, 34, of Wilsonville. Continue reading

James Buchal, Multnomah County Republican Chair

The Multnomah County Republican Party wants Portland residents to remember that a well-recognized riot control technique is to encircle a rioting crowd, arrest every person in it for riot, confiscate all the video evidence, and then use it to charge the wrongdoers with felony riot, holding and identifying all participants while the evidence is quickly screened.  The Portland Police Bureau demonstrated it could do exactly that on June 4, 2018, but the City of Portland rejected this policy in favor of protecting the civil rights of those who disobey police orders to leave illegal, violent and destructive riot scenes—and now violate curfew orders.

“The City’s leadership is an embarrassment to this City or worse,” said Party Chair James Buchal.  “After all of Portland’s experience with mass protests, can the police really be so incompetent as to fail to encircle these crowds and arrest them all?  Of course not.  This is a deliberate policy choice to promoting further disorder.”

“The City has demonstrated that its top priority is protecting government property and the personal safety of curfew violators, with protecting and serving the law-abiding citizens coming last. The curfew orders are an embarrassment, with the Mayor and police publicly supporting mass curfew violations.  Once again, we see Democratic leadership pursuing the strategy of slapping tighter and tighter controls on ordinary Americans,” said Buchal, “while letting those who break the law run wild.” Continue reading

By Paul Driessen

Pseudo-green energy will wreak devastation, pretending to prevent exaggerated climate harm

“We had to destroy the village in order to save it.” The infamous Vietnam era quotation may or may not have been uttered by an anonymous US Army major. It may have been misquoted, revised, apocryphal or invented. But it quickly morphed into an anti-war mantra that reflected attitudes of the time.

For Virginians and others forced to travel the path of “clean, green, renewable, sustainable” energy, it will redound in modern politics as “We had to destroy the environment in order to save it.”

Weeks after Governor Ralph Northam signed Virginia’s “Clean Economy Act,” which had been rushed through a partisan Democrat legislature, Dominion Energy Virginia announced it would reach “net zero” greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. To do so, the utility company will raise family, business, hospital and school electricity bills by 3% every year for the next ten years – as these customers and state and local governments struggle to climb out of the financial holes created by the ongoing Coronavirus lockdown. Continue reading

Bull Asian elephants Samudra (left) and Samson in the pool at Elephant Lands. © Oregon Zoo / photo by Michael Durham.

Warm weather is making waves in Portland this week, and so is zoo elephant family

Warm spring weather has arrived in the Northwest, and some of the area’s largest residents are diving in headfirst — trunks and all. With the sun shining down and temperatures approaching 90 degrees, the Oregon Zoo elephant family was eager to hit the pool — diving for treats of apple and honeydew melon, and playfully splashing around.

“The two Sams — Samudra and Samson — especially love to play in the water,” said Bob Lee, who oversees the zoo elephant program. “Now that warm weather​ is here, I think the entire elephant family will be spending a lot of time poolside.”

To see a video, go to

Zoo fans will have to wait a bit longer to see the elephants in person, as the zoo remains closed to help slow the spread of COVID-19. The Oregon Zoo Foundation is leading efforts to fund critical operating needs of the zoo during its closure. To contribute, go to Continue reading

Eric Fruits, Ph.D.

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrecked state and local budgets. Moreover, it’s looking more likely that school operations will not return to normal this fall. Social distancing guidelines will demand smaller class sizes. The days of 25-30 students per classroom are over for the foreseeable future. There is simply not enough space in our brick-and-mortar schools.

Some distancing can be achieved by staggering instruction across days or weeks. However, these arrangements will create scheduling havoc for families trying to return to work, especially for families with multiple children spanning several grades or schools.

We can also achieve the required social distancing by encouraging alternatives to existing brick-and-mortar schools. For example, online public charter schools have a long history of successful education outcomes while achieving social distancing. Many private schools had digital learning plans in place prior to the pandemic and were able to quickly adjust to Governor Kate Brown’s March 23 “stay home, save lives” order. For example, St. Mary’s Academy in Portland switched to digital learning the day after the order was issued. In contrast, Portland Public Schools took nearly a month to get its distance learning plans in place.

Education savings accounts are a readily available option to foster school choice and downsize public school enrollment to achieve class sizes consistent with social distancing guidelines. Moreover, a carefully crafted ESA program would reduce state spending on education while improving options and opportunities for thousands of Oregon students. Continue reading

Marlon Furtado

You’ve heard of kids turning 180 degrees away from the values of their parents? Well, this is one of those situations. Hezekiah was a good leader of his country. He began his reign at 25 and was king of Judah for 29 years. But after he died, his son, Manasseh, became king. Manasseh was only twelve years old when he inherited carte-blanche authority in his country (how many of you would want to see a twelve-year old be your mayor or governor or president?). He reigned for 55 years.

The summation of his life is given us in 2 Chronicles 33:2, “He did evil in the eyes of the Lord, following the detestable practices of the nations the Lord had driven out before the Israelites.” Some of the detestable practices he engaged in were astrology, witchcraft, and seances. He also corrupted the Temple and sought to turn his country away from the Lord to worship other gods.

The worst thing he did, though, was he “sacrificed his children in the fire in the Valley of Ben Hinnom…” (2 Chronicles 33:6) He actually threw his screaming, terrified young children into burning trash dumps as WORSHIP of the gods he followed! Can you believe how heartless this maniac was? Continue reading

Jerry Newcombe

A new FX documentary, AKA Jane Roe, raises many questions about the real Jane Roe.

Jane Roe, who pseudonymously sought an abortion in Texas, was at the heart of the infamous 1973 Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade. She claimed she had been impregnated in a gang-rape. In the mid-1980s, Roe was revealed to be Norma McCorvey. In the mid-1990s, she stunned the world by professing to have become a Christian and an opponent of abortion. She then claimed she had never been raped at all. And now comes a documentary in which she, in the final year of her life, apparently claims that her switch to the pro-life position was all an act, for which she was paid.

It should be noted she was paid to appear in the FX documentary. Nick Sweeney, the documentary producer, has made movies about sex robots and girls becoming “boys.”

The Daily Beast reports on perhaps the most critical scene in the FX documentary: “This is my deathbed confession,” [McCorvey] chuckles, sitting in a chair in her nursing home room, on oxygen. Sweeney asks McCorvey, “Did [the evangelicals] use you as a trophy?” “Of course,” she replies. “I was the Big Fish.” “Do you think you would say that you used them?” Sweeney responds. “Well,” says McCorvey, “I think it was a mutual thing. I took their money and they took me out in front of the cameras and told me what to say. That’s what I’d say.” She even gives an example of her scripted anti-abortion lines. “I’m a good actress,” she points out. “Of course, I’m not acting now.” Continue reading

Jim Humphrey

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen,” Hebrews 11:1. This study examines three entities to which faith is attributed: 1) as the name of a Gospel, which is a body of truth, i.e., “The Faith;” 2) Jesus Christ’s faith, thus it is referred to as “the faith of Jesus Christ;” 3) as the faith of individual members of the Body of Christ.

1 – The Faith:

 The term “the faith” is never found in the four Gospels. In Matthew, Mark, and Luke, faith is usually attributed to individual people and the word faith does not appear in John. “The faith” first appears in the book of Acts where it refers to the belief of the Jews in the Pentecostal church in Jerusalem. They believed the Gospel of the Kingdom, which was simply, that Jesus was their promised Messiah. Peter and the other 11 apostles, along with the Jewish believers were waiting for the Tribulation, after which they anticipated Christ’s return to establish His Kingdom on earth, Acts 1:6 – 8. They followed the Law of Moses and worshiped in Jerusalem at the Temple, Acts 2:42 – 47. The Old Testament (OT) had prophesied the Tribulation and the Messianic Kingdom. Jesus Christ Himself foretold the Tribulation, Matthew 24:4 – 14 and His subsequent return to establish His Kingdom, Matthew 24:29 – 31. That was the Gospel or “the faith” to which they were obedient: “… the word of God increased; and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly; and a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith.” Acts 6:7. However, they soon had to flee Jerusalem or be killed when Israel’s leaders rejected the Apostle’s offer of the Kingdom, climaxing with the stoning of Stephen, Acts 7:54 – 60. Continue reading

Flag of Taiwan

Tony Perkins, Family Research Council, Washington Update

May 27, 2020 It’s a tiny slip of an island, just 110 miles off the coast of China. But a narrow stretch of water isn’t the only thing separating Taiwan from its communist neighbors. There, floating in the Formosa Strait, is a surprising patch of democracy. To most people, the thought is astounding. A boat ride away from one of the most oppressive regimes in human history, 23 million people go about their days free. And China can’t stand it.

Most Americans probably don’t give a second thought to Taiwan — except maybe to marvel at how a country with a Florida-sized population managed to stave off the coronavirus so effectively. But otherwise, the average person doesn’t pay the area much attention. That, Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) argues, is where they’re wrong. Taiwan is one of the most important pieces of land in the Pacific — and if the West wants to teach China a lesson, it had better wrap its head around that — and fast.

For years, the island nation has been threatened by China with “reunification,” which is just a euphemism, former State Department envoy Christian Whiton points out, “for military invasion and conquest.” A violent end, he warns, of the 71 years of virtual independence from China. But why should Americans care? Apart from the fact that China is in everyone’s doghouse over the coronavirus — does losing Taiwan to the communists really matter? Continue reading

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