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There is no possible way that Omarosa thinks that Donald Trump is a racist, despite the unhinged accusations in her book. She began work with him on “The Apprentice” about 13 years ago, and saw him quite frequently during her time on the program. If he is as racist as she claims, and she has deep convictions about racism she claims, she would have been long gone. In fact, she herself said on ABC just last December, regarding Trump, “he is not a racist.”

No, this whole thing about racism is just a con. Once she got fired at the White House, Trump could no longer serve as her ticket to fame and fortune – unless she could fabricate a whole bunch of false accusations, throw them into a book, and make a whole pile of money. The book is nothing but a sad and pathetic Continue reading

Whatever Islam is, what it clearly is not is a religion of peace. It is rather a religion of war, violence, and death.

In London today, a man has been arrested for driving his car into a crowd of cyclists and pedestrians outside Parliament, in classic Muslim style. Authorities, in contrast to their usual reticence, have already made it clear that the driver is being interrogated “on suspicion of terror offences.”

Just over a year ago, Muslim terrorist Khalid Masood deliberately aimed his vehicle at pedestrians and rammed into the gates of Parliament. That jihadi killed five people, including a law enforcement officer, before police shot him dead. Continue reading

I realize that this title sounds out of line, but stay with me and it might make sense. I intend no disrespect toward God – in reality, my goal is just the opposite. But I wonder if He sometimes feels like we see Him as our handyman. I believe we can treat Him that way and not even know it is happening.
The handyman occupation is focused on fixing things. We break something and we schedule our handyman to repair it. We do not consider the time of day or night because we know he wants us to call. We are his livelihood – he needs us. Continue reading

Directing children to learn and be supportive in a friendly environment

If you have lived in East County for any length of time you are familiar with the Drake’s Seven Dees nursery on 165th and Stark. That location has ceased operation and the property been vacant for some time. However, a new enterprise has pushed out of the ground with a very large building—the Boys and Girls Club of Gresham. This 30,000 square foot building is now called home to the five school districts and their students for a multiplicity of programs. To find out more Imani Muhammad, senior director of programs East County, special initiatives was interviewed.
Q. This is an impressive building both from outside as well as inside. How was the funding provided?
A. The majority of the monies came from corporate sponsors, private donations, and fun raising. Out of a $9 million allocated for the project we still have a debt service of approximately $2 million. For our operational costs we had an auction and sit-down dinner at the Portland Art Museum which raised 500k. Continue reading

A few mornings ago, I went out on the deck to water “not as pretty as last year” flower boxes. You can’t win ‘em all! I looked down and saw a tiny sort of face trying to come up between the slats of the deck. I squatted down to get a closer look. At first, I thought it was a tree frog. Easy save, I said to myself. I can just put it in our pond. Oh, what fools we mortals be! It was not a tree frog.

I gently freed the tiny creature from it’s struggles, and it spread out in my hand. I found myself looking at a tiny baby bat! All babies are cute – yes – a bit of a stretch in this case. All I could think of was #1 Why me?! #2 And, now what?! My mind was racing and the tiny creature was gasping. I laid it in a damp paper towel, mainly to keep its body moist. Continue reading

Victoria Larson, N.D.

Whether staying home for a vacation this year, or driving through our lovely state of Oregon, or relocating and settling in, illness on the road is far worse when in flux. How can we make moves more comfortable and be prepared for the possible stress of travel or relocating.

The farther away you plan to travel or move, the sooner you should begin preparations. Up to a month before you can begin shoring up your immune system to deal with any onslaughts. Sleep and diet are under appreciated as “health aids”. Since sleep is difficult for many while traveling or under the stress of re-locating consider doing all you can to make yourself and those travelling with you as comfortable as possible. Consider one of those small travel pillows for each member of your family and put a few drops of each person’s favorite essential oil on the corners of the pillow. Continue reading

Frank Maguire, The Northwest Connection

I spent about 50 years of my life as a professional musician. The “tools” of my art were Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm (the basic rhythmic unit in a piece of music). All types of music are rhythmic: waltz; polka; tango; mambo; samba, et al.So, then, what is a “circadian rhythm? Unless one literally dances in his/her sleep, “circadian rhythm” has nothing to do with dancing.

Circadian rhythm is among the family of sleep disorders affecting (among other bodily processes) the timing of sleep. As a kid, I always wondered how I was able to awaken on time so as to not be tardy for school, or not be late for an athletic even in which I was a participant. And I wondered why I had this natural ability when many of my friends were late for everything. And always apologizing, but never changing. Continue reading

George Washington is quoted as saying when asked by his father if he cut down the cherry tree “I cannot tell a lie …I did cut it with my hatchet”. My guess is that he could – – and likely did lie at times in his life. General Washington undoubtedly lied to confound the enemy in order to protect the lives of his own troops.

In researching the topic of “LYING”, I found extensive information that suggests there are many reasons that people lie. Not to poo-poo these brilliant psychiatrists and psychologists who likely put in hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on their studies – – but in my very humble opinion, people lie because they WANT THEIR CAKE & WANT TO EAT IT TOO. Simple as that! The “why” a person lies is truly unimportant. Continue reading

The Bible’s view of human sexuality is quite direct: God created them “male and female” (Genesis 1:27). There are two sexes, or genders, and only two. Period!

People may be confused about their sexual identity, but the solution in such cases is to help them reconcile their mental view of themselves with biological reality. It is not to mutilate the human body in a vain attempt to work things the other way round.

Jesus was quite clear that abiding in his word is the key to knowing the truth, and it is the “truth (that) shall set you free” (John 8:32), not hormones or the surgeon’s scalpel. Continue reading

Art Crino

Early in the twentieth century it became fashionable for larger nations to acquire colonies. This resulted in a common expression in that time period: The sun never sets on the British Empire. In 1910 Japan by force acquired the entire Korean peninsula. During World War Two (WWII) Korean men were drafted into the military and the report persists that Korean women were forced to serve for the “comfort” of Japanese troops.

At the February 1945 Yalta Conference, Stalin agreed with President Roosevelt (FDR) on a four-power trusteeship for Korea, the powers to be for the for Korean trusteeship were the United States, China, Russia and Britain. The trusteeship called for a unified administration of all Korea with the government of Koreans to be freely elected to govern the Korean peninsula. This Korean decision was ratified when Harry Hopkins met with Stalin in Moscow later in 1945. Continue reading

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